The Very First Post

I know this won’t be seen by anyone for a while, but I wanted to make my first post…official. That way, when I do have followers, there’s a certain…legitimacy—a solid bookend.

That’s always important, right?

I’m nervous about this whole thing actually. It’s been over a year’s time trying to pick out a moniker for myself, as I’m probably the pickiest person alive. The hardest part of the whole process was trying to convince myself to fall in love with the name and the meaning behind it, although with all the cumbersome stage names around today, I probably could’ve settled on one after the first week.

About a month ago, I finally convinced myself it was perfect. I had waited so long to believe in the name that the moment I did—and it did literally happen in one moment, despite months of deliberation—I got up from my computer and started jumping around the room, partly because my roommates weren’t there, and also because it felt like I had just won the lottery/gotten proposed to/achieved stardom all at the same time.

So now, moniker decided, I’m trying to stop wasting time posting daily trivialities on Facebook, a hairy carpet or ice cream pie on Instagram—or rather, just move all that stuff to one location.

Ideally, the goal is to construct a documentation of my days writing music, a mode of keeping people interested, so that when I finally write some music I want people to hear, it won’t be impossible to find people to listen! Also, I’m sick of writing for my college classes, and I’m so happy to just write whatever I feel like, and well…fuck revision.

Hopefully something will come out of this. If you’re now following me and have scrolled down to read this, please leave a comment saying so!

It’s imperative to my happiness.

danke schön.



One thought on “The Very First Post

  1. madigarbs says:

    FIRST TO COMMENT! Hahaha I will take that honor and simply say that I look forward to hearing from you in the future! Best of luck 😉

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